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Skincare With... Science!

January 16, 2019

Whenever we think of scientific innovations, we think of things that are revolutionary. We think about how the car revolutionized transportation, how the lightbulb revolutionized the night, and how the plane revolutionized travel...


When Sciton released their BBL Laser, that revolution happened to skincare. 


Smoothe Denver is proud to announce that we have taken a giant stride to remain on the cutting edge of skincare. We recently added BBL Laser therapy to our (long) list of services. The training was intense, but the results we are providing to our clients are well worth the wait. 


The BBL laser can be used anywhere on the body. It helps to treat pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, skin firmness, and uneven skin texture. 


Check out these before and afters!




It works by directing light energy to the upper layers of the skin. This energy absorbed by the targeted areas helps to stimulate new, healthy growth, causing your skin to look younger and healthier after just a few treatments. 


There is minor skin discomfort involved, but science, again, has made the process as comfortable as possible. In addition, in some circumstances, numbing cream may be used to make the experience even more pleasurable. 


Learn more about the BBL laser and the treatments we provide here! Just navigate to the Laser Treatments panel under the Schedule Now section. 

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