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The Secret to a Hydrated Winter: Combo-Therapies

October 17, 2018

At Smoothe, we love the word "comprehensive."

In the dictionary, this word means "complete, or including nearly all elements." 

To us, this means skincare that tackles skin problems in a way that addresses the surface, underlying


problems, and in a way that will endure time. 


A large part of comprehensive treatment is combo-therapies. One of our favorites as we get ready to go into winter is a chemical peel paired with follow-up SilkPeel treatments. 


We use high-quality chemical peels that go deep into the skin to refresh and renew from the deepest layer outwards. These chemical peels do an incredible job of wiping the slate clean, so to speak, giving us some solid, new ground to work on. Skincare is like building a house and chemical peels are the strong, level foundation where we can build beautiful things. 


You can check out our favorite chemical peel here


Following the chemical peel and the time to heal, SilkPeels help to keep your newly refreshed pores clear and hydrated. This new layer of skin, with periodic SilkPeels, will be brighter, clearer, and more elastic than when you started.


Now is the perfect time to try it as we leave summer behind. Clear your sun-damaged skin with a chemical peel and keep your new skin hydrated and clear all winter long. 



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