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Confessions From a Microneedling Appointment

June 2, 2018

Derma rolling, micro needling, or just needling… they’re all various names for the same

 professional treatment that aims to help with reduction of scarring and give you youthful and plumped skin with less sagging and pigmentation, and fewer open pores! I honestly believe that this treatment triggers collagen production like no other. Intrigued?


I have chosen to write on this topic since not only is it an amazing treatment that could help many with their typical at-home regimen, but also because I’ve found that many people believe they have had this treatment when in fact – they have not!


It’s worth mentioning is that this treatment is very well established and has been conducted for over 30 years – it is NOT a new treatment, it is clinically proven and tested. This isn’t some skin fad with a questionable background and even more questionable results. Its great results are undeniable if performed by a trained and experienced practitioner and the treatment is available nationwide.


However, it is NOT something you have had done as part of an enjoyable spa day or as a treat for a fun girls’ day out. This treatment definitely wouldn’t be in any spa’s stress relief package. Rather, it is for the serious, dedicated folk who are hungry for true and visible results at a cellular level, aka ME!!


Think weddings. This treatment is ideal for all brides, mothers of the brides, or even grooms. Honestly, anyone who wants ridiculously stunning skin should enquire about this treatment! The results do take time to set in, so the old saying “patience is a virtue” is relevant here, as while it’s a fix, it isn’t a quick fix. It may take up to three to five months for the really long-lasting results to shine through, so proper timing before an event is crucial, although some report noticeable differences within two weeks. The best news has to be that the results last for years!


Microneedling is essentially an investment into your skin’s future appearance.

Now that you’ve heard how amazing it is, before you commit to a treatment, I need to warn that it is not a treatment for everyone. Post-treatment downtime is not just a possibility, it’s a guaranteed reality. There are also limitations and medical reasons that may make this treatment unsuitable for you and your skin. A consultation with a trained professional is truly the only way to assess your individual suitability.


This is not something you should have done on a whim, because yes, there is blood involved. To bleed or not to bleed is the controversial question. To clarify, it is not essential that someone bleeds all over! A nice pink hue can be sufficient. However, in my opinion from my experiences over the years, that blood guarantees that a controlled injury and micro-trauma has occurred evenly on the skin. Essentially it’s visual proof of increased collagen and elastin production.


Post-treatment, think no heat, so sweat, no hard work and NO irritation. While the skin is not compromised (unlike some treatments), it ironically appears sunburnt for a day or two. It is of the utmost importance that during this time the skin is protected and fed with sheer goodness to ensure the collagen stimulation process is induced to the MAX! You really want to get the most out of the treatment.

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