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Rolling Into Damaged Skin

March 30, 2018

When microneedling first came on the market, many home versions became available, including the

 microneedling roller. This device has a roller with a series of needles on it that are meant to be rolled across the skin, creating punctures and "offering the same effects" of a professional treatment. What they don't tell you is the dirty secret behind these rollers: they actually damage your skin!


With a roller, the needles enter the skin at an angle, rotate while they are in the dermis, and exit at a different angle than they entered. This form of rotation can actually cause damage to the skin rather than promote healthy collagen production. Puncturing the skin in the way that microneedling does must be done delicately by the hand of a professional.


The brand matters, too... 


That's why we use ProCell at Smoothe. Procell is on the forefront of microneedling technology. Their products offer the safest, cleanest, and most effective tools to perform microneedling. On top of that, we are extensively and repeatedly trained on microneedling techniques, ensuring that our practices are up to standard and giving our clients the best results. 


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