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Elastic Collagen Summer

March 23, 2018

We have an awesome focus-area for you as we make our way into summer. Most people are well versed on the general workings of the skin:


We need to keep pores clear of debris so they don't clog, get infected, and cause acne. We also


need to focus on maintaining a healthy balance of oils for our skin to perform at it's optimal level. This looks like a lot of things, but we also want to bring up the idea of elastic collagens.


This phrase is thrown around quite a bit, so it never really gets the attention it deserves. These elastic collagens are what keep your skin taught and bouncy, two characteristics associated with a youthful look. 


Winter is known for drying out our skin with the use of heaters and the extreme cold, so it's important to regenerate your skin before going into the sun this summer. Our favorite product for this is Alastin Skin Nectar. This stuff is a miracle worker. 


It clears damage and debris deeper than most cleansers, making a lasting impact. But the real kicker is that it supports your skin's natural ability to produce that elastic collagen we've been talking about. If that's not enough, it also evens your skin-tone. It's basically a miracle.


Check it out here!


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