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The Politics of... Extractions

February 16, 2018

We know that the "Politics" title probably made you cringe. We get you. 


But really. There's a political standoff between estheticians who believe in extractions and estheticians who don't. 


To start out, we'll tell you that we're avid supporters of extractions. Clearing up clogged pores is a crucial step in clearing the skin of infection. We offer extractions at our location as a full appointment


As a licensed esthetician, it seems like it should be clear that clearing pores of their blockages helps


skin become healthier, but not all agree. Some estheticians err on the side that extractions damage your skin, but we'd argue that that's a technique problem. Certainly, if you do extractions poorly, they can damage the skin, but with proper technique from a licensed esthetician, damage can be completely avoided. 


On one hand, we have estheticians with supreme practice in preparing the skin for extractions and clearing pores with precision. These appointments generally leave the patient feeling like their skin is free and clear. Many techniques, including hot compresses, oils, and other facial creams help the skin prepare for the procedure. 


Other estheticians, though, think that even with this preparation, extractions damage your skin. This is typically a difference of opinion between the United States and Europe. In Europe, you'd be hard-pressed to find a salon that offers extractions simply because they don't believe in them there! 

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