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Medical Vs. Natural Facials

January 31, 2018

We know you have options when you get a facial, so we'd like to make a case for why you should always opt-in to getting a facial from a certified esthetician rather than in a spa setting. There are plenty of reasons, but we'll throw out just a few for you. 


1. When you get a facial at a spa, oftentimes they use products that are not medical-grade. This means a few things. First, it means that the benefit you receive from a spa facial is more superficial; it

doesn't help the deeper layers of your skin, necessarily. This is bad news, Bears for you because truly healthy skin comes from the inside. Cheesy, I know, but also true and proved by SCIENCE. 


2. Another benefit of a medical facial administered by an aesthetician is that they are often customized treatments. This is a world of many different types of facials, so you should be getting one that best benefits your skin-type and desires. We take time and care in getting to know you and your skin at Smoothe, so this particular benefit is a sure-win at our office!


3. Lastly, cellular benefits are a strong selling (cell-ing) point of medical facials. Because medical products work at the cellular level, you can expect to see clearer pores, increased circulation, and even skin-tone. We don't care how many mud masks you do. They won't have QUITE that big of an effect on your complexion.


We hope this clears up a little bit about why you should always choose a licensed aesthetician to perform facials, and why you should go medical if you're looking for results. Something to keep in mind when you book, too, is that medical and natural facials are BOTH a relaxing way to improve your skin. 

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