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Non-Invasive Skincare

January 23, 2018

When we talk about skincare, oftentimes the focus is on minimally invasive procedures, but what about NON-invasive skincare. Here at Smoothe, we've begun to provide Alastin skincare products, another great line that we believe in. 


Our introductory product is the Alastin Non-Invasive system. This system helps your skin both prepare for an ablative procedure and recover from one. As many know, post-treatment care is most critical; providing your skin with the right tools necessary to help it recover is ESSENTIAL to achieving your desired look. What many don't think about, however, is that pre-treatment care can be just as important.


This system is recommended to be used about 14-30 days before your procedure to help those deep skin layers prepare for all of the work they're about to do. This means using a Skin Nectar (our favorite) to help boost your skin's natural energy; a broad-spectrum sunscreen to help prevent any sun damage to your skin before treatment; a nourishing moisturizer to help bring your skin's hydration to optimum levels; and a gentle cleanser to help keep those pores clear. 

Using this system leading up to, and directly after, an ablative or abrasive procedure will help your skin recover faster and more completely.


Check it out on our store here.










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