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Why You Should use Natural Skincare Products...

January 11, 2018

We've all heard the commercials and seen the labels for a "natural" skincare product, but what these often mean is not what they seem. Many skincare companies advertising all natural skincare products and boasting "natural ingredients" are made with the same harsh chemicals as everything else. We'd love to inspire our Smoothe customers to do their homework, but we're going to go one step further and do it for you. 


First off, we want to tell you that the word "natural" doesn't often mean anything when it comes to foods and product labels. You should be very weary of buying products that claim this. There are very few regulations on how companies can use the word and it leaves us, the consumers, at risk of thinking that we are treating our bodies with holistic, nurturing products when really we are using the same old garbage. 

Of course, we're going to take this time, too, to plug our favorite brand, Dr. Hauschka. This is a brand we have come to know, use, and trust because when they say "natural," they mean it. This company respects the fact that your skin has incredible natural healing tendencies and their products seek not to replace those, but to empower them. 

At Smoothe, we believe in holistic, nurturing skincare and this is why we swear by Dr. Haushka above anything else.



We'll leave you with this, though:


Next time you see the word, "natural" on a label, don't stop there. Look at the ingredients list. If there is anything you can't pronounce, put that thing back on the shelf!

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