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Why Hear it From Us? Get Your Lashes Done!

November 9, 2017

While researching beauty treatments online, we know that testimonials can be a powerful tool. While this one wasn't at our store directly, this testimonial from Self does a great job of talking about how lash and brow services can change your daily routine. 

"Before even deciding what color I was going to do, the technician reiterated how important it was to keep my eyes closed through the whole lash tint. I was not to open them even the slightest.


Message received.


We decided to use blue black, the darkest color you can go and one of the most popular options according to Sheikh. Other shade options include black or brown for women with very light blonde lashes.


After placing a protective eye patch under my bottom lash line, the technician started dying the lower lashes while I looked up. I hadn’t even thought of the lower lashes! That realization was exciting because I never wear mascara on my bottom lashes because it always ends up clumpy.


Then she moved on to the upper lashes with my eyes closed. After sitting there for about eight minutes, my left eye started stinging. Sheikh explained that it may have been a result of dry lashes and skin on my lid. It was only a small sting but to ensure it doesn’t happen to you, use a little oil around the entire eye area before the service. The dye stayed on my lashes for 10 minutes total. Once it was wiped away, my lashes looked extra dark and separated.


A week after getting them done, I have yet to take a pencil to my brows. At most, I’ve brushed them up then moved on. They look exactly as if I put makeup on. Actually, they look even better because the shape is symmetrical, which never happens when I pencil them in.


As for my lashes, I really liked how the lower lash line looked with the small hairs tinted an



d separated. All around it looked like I had applied a very natural-looking mascara. Paired with the brow, it looked like I was wearing my usual off-duty makeup look."


Now, you can expect these results to last between three and four weeks, but these results can be lengthened with the use of moisturizing oils before bed on a regular basis.


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