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Are You Exfoliating Too Much?

November 3, 2017

If you're asking yourself this questions, it is likely that you are... But we won't be hard on you.


Generally, though, you should be exfoliating a couple times a week if you have a general skin-type. If you are sensitive, though, I would recommend once a week or so. It is possible to exfoliate too much and you would know by the discomfort and irritation it would cause. It can even cause chronic skin irritation which is something everybody should avoid. Long story short: listen to your skin. It will tell you more than this blog will about if you're exfoliating too much. 


 On top of at-home exfoliation, we also recommend an exfoliation by a professional once a month. This could be something like a dermaplaning procedure or, our favorite, a Silk Peel. These procedures do a little more of an in-depth job and may even remove unwanted hair (in the case of a dermaplane). They are more thorough and do a better job of clearing the pores than, for example, an exfoliating scrub. The Silk Peel goes one step further, infusing serum into your skin after clearing your pores with a diamond-tip. These serums help to plump and clarify the skin, making this exfoliation procedure top-notch. Book one today with us and see for yourself!

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