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Seasonal Skincare

October 24, 2017

PSLs have been back for a few weeks now.


Hopefully that means that you've thought about changing your regimen to a fall/winter combo. Depending on where you live, you may begin this at different times. A skincare professional wrote a great article about seasonal skincare: 


"Just like you switch up your wardrobe in accordance with the seasons, you should also be rotating your products to protect your complexion against the elements. "The environmental conditions of where you live can impact the way your skin behaves, so paying attention to the weather will effect what types of treatments it needs," says Saison skin care founder Julie Kim, who created her range around the idea of gradually shifting your products


in accordance with the weather. "Most people also tend to have a seasonal diet, whether or not you're conscious of it, so you have an abundance of fruit and vegetables in the spring and summer, and your skin does reflect the things you are eating internally." Generally, you'll find that your complexion tends to be oilier in the summer and drier in the winter, meaning your warm-weather moisturizer won't cut it in the extreme cold, but rather than abiding to the solstice dates, Kim advises using the climate in your area as an indicator of when to start transitioning your products. "For us here in San Francisco, we have an unseasonably hot summer that extends into October, and because of that, many will start their fall regime much later," she says. "It all depends on where you live, and how your skin responds to environmental conditions."


As we shift from summer to autumn in particular, Kim recommends swapping your traditional face wash for a cleansing oil (we at Smoothe recommend Dr. Haushka) to prepare your complexion for the cooler, drier weather to come. "This will help when you start to do the layering of hydration, and as you go into winter, make the change to a heavier moisturizer in addition to a cleansing oil would be a good step," she advises. As the weather begins to warm up, then you can start seeking out lighter formulas infused with antioxidants. "You'll want to ease up a little in the spring with products that cater more toward sensitive skin, and for summer, look for things with the lightest base possible along with exfoliation," Kim adds. "When you start to build up oil and sweat, you want to make sure you're removing all of that from your skin so you don't get clogged pores.""


Citation: “Why You Should Change Your Skin Care Routine Every Season, and How to Do It.”,

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