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5 Causes for Acne and Blemishes

October 26, 2017

Number 1: Touching Your Face


If you're breaking out around your chin or jawline, a lot of the time, it's caused by subconsciously touching your face throughout the day. By doing this, you spread bacteria to your face and this, in turn, causes acne. 


Number 2: Dairy and Sugar


If you consume more dairy or sugar than your body can handle, your body excretes it to the surface of the skin, often causing cystic-type acne. 



Number 3: Stress


Stress creates cortisol, an acne-inducing hormone produce by your adrenal gland. To reduce acne, reduce your stress. Smoothe recommends meditation and stress-management. 


Number 4: Not washing your face


Without washing your face, oil sits on your face and gives bacteria a great ground to breed. In order to reduce acne, wash your face with a well-balanced cleanser. As always, we recommend Dr. Hauschka!


Number 5: Hormones


Hormone fluctuations in the body cause acne all the time. The important thing, though, is to recognize that this is completely normal. Stressing out about your hormonal acne will usually make it worse, so try to avoid stress about your blemishes. 

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