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Beware: Chemical Peels Sold Online

October 12, 2017

We have another scary post for the month of Halloween. This time, we're talking about chemical peels that are sold online. We'd like to start off by saying that if you are interested in a chemical peel, seek out the advice and application of a certified professional. At Smoothe, we believe that your skin is extremely important; that's why we focus on continued education in different areas, but especially in procedures involving topical products such as chemical peels. 


With these chemical peels, it is tantamount that a peel with top-notch ingredients is used. This is precisely why we use Vi and SkinMedica peels. They offer the best combination of ingredients to bring the best results. The scary thing is when consumers try to purchase chemical peels online. Many general consumers don't know what to look for and, even if they do, products sold online through platforms like Ebay are not regulated. 


Recently, there have been stories of people buying chemical peels online that are 100% acid. This is dangerous because, with a typical peel, the acid content is much lower and safer. People have been seriously damaging their skin with these unregulated peels because of this higher acid content. Some of the injuries have required surgery to correct and have resulted in permanent scarring. This is sad for estheticians because chemical peels, when properly applied, offer wonderful results. They just need to be booked with a professional

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