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We Have a Challenge for You...

October 6, 2017

Alright, Smoothe-goers. Let's talk acne. I know... It's not the most glamorous topic. But, by negative, it is. At this point in our quest for beauty, most of us know what acne is and why it's caused. For those who don't, here's a quick summary to get you up to speed:


Dirt and debris clog your pores. It get's infected. It turns red. Fin. 


Now. Here's the lead-up. When you pop your pimples, you may think that you're getting rid of them faster, but they may be lingering longer due to your bad habit.


When you pop them, not only do you increase the chance of them remaining infected and becoming even more red, but you risk spreading that bacteria to other areas of your skin, causing more acne. 


Additionally, you risk introducing new bacteria to your pimples by popping them with your fingers. Basically, what we're trying to say is don't pop your own pimples. It makes your acne linger and nobody likes lingering acne (or acne period). 


So, here's our challenge. For one week, stop popping your pimples. Even when you feel that urge to pop that bad boy, DON'T. Let it resolve on its own and we bet that you'll see some decent improvements. If you absolutely must have them popped, allow a professional to do extractions. Yeup. You guessed it! We offer that, too. You can book one of this appointments here


If you want to see somebody who did this challenge, you can check it out here

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