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Working Out - The Negative Effects

July 6, 2017

Everybody always talks about the positive effects of working out, but rarely do we focus on the dangers... Especially when it comes to your skin. While working out can be very beneficial to your body as a whole, including your skin, there are steps you can take to enhance the effects of working out on your skin and protect your skin from damage. Here are some disadvantages to look out for: 


It'n no secret that working out causes acne. Increasing the amount of sweat, excess oils, and surface debris trap bacteria and give it a great place to grow and clog your perfect pores. If


you are not one to rinse off directly after you work out, you may be giving yourself a one-way-ticket to a speckled complexion. In order to avoid this, aim to wash off no more than 10 minutes after finishing your workout. If you don't have this ability, stock up on some gentle cleansing wipes to cleanse your face post-workout and avoid clogging your pores. 

Runner's Face:

I don't know if you've heard about runner's face, but it's categorized by sagging skin on your face. The myth is that it's created by bouncing up and down so much during runs, but the truth is is that it comes from a lack of sun protection. If you want to avoid sagging, sun-spotted skin, be sure to lather up with some great sunscreen and, even possibly, an antioxidant serum. This will keep your skin optimally protected while you maintain that figure. 

Dry Skin:

Many people who work out experience dry skin, whether it be from running, swimming, or something else entirely. Again, the primary focus here is protection. Before you step outside, protect your skin with proper sunscreen and other sun protectants to ensure that your skin does not dry out. Another thing to try is lotion after rinsing your post-workout sweat off. This will hydrate your skin after it has been cleansed from pore-clogging materials!

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