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Skin Aging: Classifying Your Stage

June 25, 2017

Generally speaking, when people talk about their skin aging, they usually talk about just the fact that it is and don't really go into detail about to what extent it is. To the untrained eye, it can be clear that skin is wrinkling or losing elasticity, but not to how much the skin is doing these things. In order to classify these stages of aging, skin experts developed a standardized system to evaluate aging skin to provide comprehensive, consistent treatment across the board. The first method is the Glogau Wrinkle Scale and looks as follows: 


This scale is widely used to determine treatment for individuals showing signs of aging skin. 


The next most widely used is the Rubin  Aging Analysis Classification System. This system classifies skin aging not by age, but by level ad is as follows: 


Level 1:  Individuals may or may not have wrinkles. In terms of pigmentation, there may be some freckles and lentines. The Stratum Corneum may be showing signs that it is becoming thicker. Wrinkles at this level are very minimal with some fine static lines if any.


Level 2:  This level is marked by more severe signs of sun damage. Individuals may have pigmentation issues like freckles and lentines.  Overall, there will be a higher degree of irregularity in the skin color. The stratum corneum has become much thicker.  Smile lines are prominent as well as wrinkles in other areas, particularly around the eyes.  The skin at this stage can be described as “crinkled.”


Level 3

This is the most severe form of skin damage.  It is marked by wrinkles in the form of deep lines which are apparent when the patient is resting.  Skin is also characterized by discolorations and comodones.  And it can be described as being thick and leathery in texture.


Where do you fall on either of these scales? Are there steps you can take to enhance the look and feel of your skin? Come in for a consultation or service to find out! Book at




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