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"Manpering" Just For Men

April 3, 2017

Since the term metro-sexuality was coined back in 1994, the men’s beauty market has been deemed a potential billion-dollar opportunity for brands. Men have begun adopting the same grooming habits as women. Much of the growth has been supported by social media.


Men now are spending more time and money than ever before on improving their appearance as they seek success in both their professional and social lives, as they have become fully concerned with the image they present to the outside world.

Men’s hair and skin care has graduated from a chore to a pleasurable activity. What’s more, an increasing number of men view personal grooming as an outward sign of success, and one they are more than willing to spend money on. The most common services purchased are massages and facials. Maintenance treatments such as waxing or laser hair removal were also near the top of a growing list.  



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