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The History of Chemical Peels Revealed

February 27, 2017

Chemical skin peels date back to the early days of civilization. Ancient Egyptian women knew that milk contains lactic acid and so actually bathed in sour milk.   Thankfully, this type of creative strategy is no longer required. With advances in technology, many aesthetic procedures are now performed for you on your lunch break.  It is hard to say what the future holds for chemical skin peels, but you can be sure that advances will evolve in time and more successful outcomes will result.  


Did you realize that your skin is the largest organ in your body?  Made up of three primary layers, chemical skin peels cause a pre-determined level of injury to a selected area of tissue. In doing so, this tissue often sloughs leaving both new tissue behind as well as regenerated collagen beneath.   


Modern medicine has advanced dramatically over the last twenty years and continues to do so. And the wide array and selection of chemical skin peels have benefited from this.  By consulting with a licensed aesthetician or experienced medical professional, you can literally choose a peel that is perfect for you. Your skincare professional will consider your skin type and color, your age, desired result and of course, the current condition of the skin that you want repaired. With this information, you can choose the grade of peel that is best for you.  


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