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What To Expect Before and After a Chemical Peel

February 27, 2017



When performed by an experienced and trained medical professional, chemical peels can make a dramatic, visible change to your skin. Watch how this young woman's skin changes on a daily basis for one week following a chemical peel. The video below documents this process from start to finish and talks to what you can truly expect.  



Chemical peels can lighten, brighten, smooth, and tighten your skin. They can also very effectively treat scars, hyperpigmentation, and melasma to the point where they are now barely visible. For those curious about peels, here are some points regarding treatment, recovery, and results. 



Day 1: The Peel

The peel application isn't uncomfortable but there can be a slight stinging sensation depending on the peel depth.  The peel may have an interesting smell but that often just additional agents such as retinoic acid that may add further strength and efficacy to the peeling.  The process takes about 30 minutes. i'm off to go about my day.  


Pro Tip: After a peel, your skin may feel very dry so you'll need to moisturize twice as much as you normally would. 


Day 2: Redness and sensitivity

I'm still a bit orange, but it's bearable. Sunscreen during the day is an absolute must while the skin is extra vulnerable. The last thing you want to do is get sunburned while your skin is trying to regenerate a new layer. I also use a tinted sunscreen. This has SPF 30 and helps blend out the redness as well.


Pro Tip: Moisturize well and use sunscreen like its your part time job!  Great post care equals great results.



Day 3:  Peeling

This has to be my favorite day of the peel! This is when you start peeling.  Peeling starts around my mouth and nose.


Pro Tip:  I know its temping, but please don't pick the peeling skin.  This can result in scarring and hyperpigmentation and can actually cause damage to your healing skin.  


Day 4: Extreme peeling

I'm really peeling now on my cheeks, forehead, and chin.  I moisturize four to five times a day. Really trying to keep my skin super hydrated.


Day 5: Fresh-faced glow

The last remnants of my old skin have disappeared. My skin is looking so beautiful. I am obsessed.


Pro Tip: Wear sunscreen every day with re-applications to protect you skin and help combat premature aging.


Day 6: Smooth, even skin

Welcome to the new me. All the old skin is completely gone. My skin is now flawless. I love peels. Still applying sunscreen everyday but I don't need to wear any makeup because my skin looks so good. I can't wait for my next peel! 


Pro Tip: What you do in your daily skin regimen is important.  Ask your Doctor or Licensed Aesthetician to review your daily home skin care regimen to address any changing needs and to help ensure that you achieve maximal results.  





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