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ProCell Micro Needling

February 16, 2017

At Smoothe Denver, we use ProCell products for our micro needling procedures.



What does this mean for you? It means that your procedure is using materials of the highest quality with the most positive ratings.


Read on to find out what's special about the cutting-edge ProCell products over anybody else.


Our Livra Pro and Livra MD microchannel/microdermabrasion tools are an integral part of our Livra serum delivery system.  The tools use a cutting-edge perpendicular design


with high-quality Swiss motors to produce a steady micro-stamping motion. The tools fit comfortably in the hand, allowing for prolonged use and precision touch.


This means a more comfortable experience for you, our customer.





The microchannel tips create small channels in the epidermis which have been proven to increase serum absorbtion by up to 300%. The sterile, detachable, disposable tool tips vary in widths and sizes to provide the perfect amount of coverage for you while reducing any risk of backflow and cross-contamination. When used with our stem-cell based MicroChannel Delivery Serum and aftercare serums (see below), the skin is stimulated to regenerate stronger and healthier than before.



The Livra Microdermabrasion paddles employ a unique abrasive


surface that ensures gentle but effective removal of dead skin via rejuvinating exfoliation. Using the same stamping motion used by our microchanneling tips, the paddles easily glide across the skin's surface while buffing the surface and revealing healthy, vibrant skin.


What sets us apart?

Only ProCell uses multiple-sized tips that make treatment faster and more cost effective while ensuring more even better, more consistent coverage. Only ProCell's Livra tools have attachments for both Microdermabrasion and Microchanneling procedures... And only ProCell includes human stem cell-derived serums specially formulated to increase production of new collagen and elastin. The Livra tool and Procell serums are MADE IN THE USA to ensure high quality and consistency.


When it comes to these procedures, the product/serum is extremely important. That's why we use ProCell. Whether it's the increased absorption or the gentle feel of their paddles, we believe that these products are the best for you.


Citation: "Stem Cell Serums with MicroChanneling." ProCell Therapies. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2017.

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