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The 10 Truths About Lash Extensions

February 1, 2017

In a world of fake news, lashes are no exception. There is so much mis-information floating around, so I am hoping that this article I found will help you understand them better! Here are ten truths about lash extensions:


"1. Instead of fiddling around with lash glue and falsies, you can get the dramatic look with a one-time application. Granted, said application can (ballpark) last anywhere from one to three hours — but at least it's more relaxing than gluing the strip lash too high on your eyelid and being forced to rip it off, right?


2. They look darned fabulous, but you might have to modify your regular routine to accommodate your new lashes. There are several products you'll have to nix, including tubing mascaras (it sticks to falsies more than regular lashes), pencil eyeliners (they can cause the lashes to tangle with each other), and oil-based cleansers (the oil can break down the glue).



3. If you're starting out with fine, sparse lashes, it's unlikely you'll be able to reach Beyonce-levels of lash drama (sadly). Since the extensions are attached to your actual lashes, it's important to remember that they can only carry so much weight, and you don't want to overload them.


4. With proper care, lash extensions can last up to two months — and once you invest in the full set, you can get touch-ups (which are less costly than the initial application) as needed.


5. Depending on your preferences, you can generally either choose extensions made from silk, mink (Beyonce wears mink, in case you were wondering), or synthetic mink. All have their respective pros and cons, so it really comes down to personal preference!


6. It may be tempting to DIY your own lash extensions (it's so much cheaper!), but as with anything, you'll have to exercise caution. Even in salons, an experienced technician can botch a job, so make sure to research your salon beforehand.


7. There may be some materials (either in the lashes themselves, or the glue) you may be sensitive to — Kristin Chenoweth once famously appeared on The Late Show wearing shades, as a result of a nasty allergic reaction to the formaldehyde in her lash adhesive.


8. When wearing extensions, it can be tempting to scale back on your cleansing routine — after all, the less your eyes come in contact with soap and water, the longer they'll stick around. That said, ophthalmologist Dr. Daniel Durrie warned CBS viewers not to be cavalier with their clean-up: "People just don't clean their eyes really well, because they don't want to mess up their lashes. Then they get buildup of of things that can get infections." He advised users to utilize a gentle cleanser, like diluted baby shampoo, and cautioned against eye infection warning signs such as swelling, itching, and irritation.


9. Along those lines, it's important to be careful when selecting your salon — you want to make sure they're working under specific standards, to lessen your chance of infection. There's no way around it, lash extensions are expensive — so if it seems like a deal that's too good to be true, it just might be."


There you have it! Smoothe offers great deals on quality lash extensions! Book an appointment here. Just click the Book Now button, navigate to Lashes, and select the appointment that's right for you!


Citation: Narasaki, Rosie. "11 Truths To Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions." Bustle. Bustle, 04 Feb. 2016. Web. 01 Feb. 2017.

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