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Why Get a Chemical Peel?

October 25, 2016

The majority of people that get chemical peels swear by them. They have so many great advantages and are a relatively inexpensive way to enhance the quality of your skin. If you're looking to reduce the signs of aging and skin-damage, a superficial chemical peel is right for you.


Superficial peels are a very safe peel and require almost no down-time. The thing with superficial chemical peels is that they generally don't produce astounding results... Unless you use them regularly. This approach will dramatically enhance your skin's natural beauty, reduce blemishes and age lines, and, again, have next to zero down-time.


After one peel, you should notice a difference in the texture and smoothness of your skin. It will feel much more refreshed after shedding the old dead skin cells off. Even still, the lasting results will only be apparent after a cyclical use of chemical peels. 


For more dramatic effects in reducing signs of sun damage and fine wrinkles, medium chemical peels are generally the go-to. They are a little bit stronger and, therefore, have greater risks and longer down-times.

Deep peels provide incredibly dramatic results, tightening the skin and eliminating wrinkles. Because of how intense they are, repeated deep peels are not generally recommended. Downtimes for deep peels can last anywhere from 2 weeks to  6 weeks.


Chemical peels are one of those things that are best to take slow. While their benefits are countless, working your way up to regular-basis application takes time. This is when you'll see even better results. 


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